Saturday, March 27, 2010

Waiting for next week...

Well, this week has been a long but short week. I really dislike those kinds... It seems like Monday was forever ago, but then again, it seems like it was yesterday. I am really looking forward to the break. My sister may come up for Easter, so I am really happy about that.

Wow, I feel like my brain isn't working right or something. I can't seem to get everything together to write this essay that is due on Monday! Does anyone else get that way?

I have to go to the doctor on April 6th, and I am having so much trouble keeping up the exercise and everything else to stay healthy. Exercise is what I am having trouble with the most. I can't seem to get motivated for it. I got so used to playing competitive basketball in high school that now nothing is fun anymore. I wished I could find something soon! I really don't want to go back into the hospital only after three months! Yikes! I hope everyone has a good weekend and break!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Slow Week...

Well, this week has gone by pretty slow it seems! My sister and the babies came up on Wednesday, and I was super happy to see them! She asked me to come stay with her for a week in Texas, which is about three hours away from my house, while her husband was gone. I think this would be really fun, but the only problem is... She doesn't have internet! Yikes! I don't know what to do about it. My aunt is visiting this weekend and I haven't seen her since last year. She also lives in Texas, and tries to come up on holidays, or when she gets off work on a weekend (which is rare). I am glad that I have the kind of family where seeing each other is mandatory almost. I don't know what I would do if I lived too far away from them. This week has been good, and slow, but I don't mind at all. I got to see the people that I love very much!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Missing my best friend...

I have actually not had a terribly bad week this week. Surprising I know! I did go to the eye doctor and told him about many headaches I have been having, and I learned that my vision was 20/200. He said that is about ten times worse than the average person. Yikes. I also found out that my nephew can make me cry! I was talking to him on the phone and he said, "Sissy, I want to be with you". He lives in another state, so I told him, "Bubba you have to have money to come see me". I heard him rustling around and then I heard my sister say," Brexton! Get out of my purse!" Turns out, he got into Linsy's wallet and got a twenty dollar bill and then told me, "I have money now, Sissy. I want to be where you are please!" I tried to explain to him why he couldn't and he just kept saying," But I love you Sissy. I want you, Sissy. Please please please let me see you Sissy. Please?" He started crying because my sister took the phone because he was going to keep talking until the battery died. It took all I had to tell him bye and that I would see him sometime soon. I heard him whining in the background when I was telling Linsy bye. He said, "Mama, I'm never going to see Sissy again." It tore my heart to pieces! I wanted to drive to Texas just to give him a hug! I miss that little boy when he isn't around me. Him and my niece, who just now is saying Sissy, are two things that keep me motivated. I don't know what I ever did without them! They have my heart! I hope that I will see them soon! I miss them terribly!

Friday, March 5, 2010

How Aggravating...

I just found out that I am out $1500 from the school. I got a scholarship for that much, but the check was "lost". Now I only got back a very small fraction of that from my Pell refund. I was hoping for more money for an eye appointment. I have been having problems with my eyes for a while now, and I know for a fact that I need more glasses or contacts. My two year old nephew, Brexton, and my one year old niece, Braylee, decided they wanted to look like Sissy and wear her glasses. Yeah, guess how that turned out. I'll give you a hint. I'm blind as a bat now. Jinkies when is this craziness going to end?!?